June 21, 2018


Since 1956 the collection of the University Library has been expanded with scores, so this was the time when the Library’s valuable musical collection was founded.

The score collection holds about 100 000 volumes. Besides newly published scores, it contains an old score collection published in the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, in which first editions of great composers's remarkable works can be found. The scores published by Diabelli in the 1820s and made using lithographic technique are of museum value, and so are the ones published by Ricordi in the second half of the 1800s. Documents in chorister Gulyás György’s bequest are also protected holdings.

Since 1956 the Library has expanded its musical collection with very valuable audio collections published in Hungary and abroad. Currently our audio collection comprises more than 22000 items, including every type of sound storing device from old 78 RPM records (e.g. Alfred Cortot, Arturo Toscanini), through bakelite records and audio cassettes to the most recently published foreign and Hungarian CDs.

Our collection gives a comprehensive picture of the entire music literature and of the most important representatives of different eras in music history. The collection holds classical music, literary, archive, pop, jazz, etc recordings.

Our collection has recently been expanded with the complete works of Bach, Mozart, and Wagner, and with a 168-CD jazz historical collection.

The Media Collection was located in the former University Church until the end of 2005. Since January, 2006 it is located on the ground floor of the Kenézy Life Sciences Library, where the possibility to read musical periodicals and consult reference books provides good conditions for research activities. In the reading room a 6-channel technical device is available. Films can be watched and seminars can be held in the video room.

The Media Collection considers its primary purpose to aid musical education and musical research, to provide musicians, theatre singers and choir members with compositions, and to help readers spend their free time usefully.

Via its programs (chamber exhibitions, performances, concerts), it wishes primarily to popularize the values of classical music, jazz, Hungarian folk music, and contemporary Hungarian literature.


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